Oil Change

One of the most common auto repair services in industry is getting an oil change for one’s automobile. Whether the manufacturer of your automobile recommends the service be accomplished every 3,000 or every 4,500 miles, it is important to not neglect this critical service for your automobile. If you are looking for a reputable auto repair shop in the Hawthorne area of Southern California, then give us a call at Brake Spot & Auto Repair today. With the busy stop and go traffic that we all see in our local area, it is even more important to get this service done in the appropriate timeframe to avoid potentially catastrophic damage to the engine and other major components of the vehicle. Most of the time that we find a customer who has let their auto gotten past the recommended timeframe of the oil change for the vehicle, they know that the service is due, but just have not had the time to come in to the shop.

In order to help our customers find the time to get this and other critical maintenance actions accomplished on their automobiles, our shop has some of the best and most flexible hours in the area. You will rarely find yourself having to wait well past your service appointment time for our team to get to work on your automobile, and we love to get our work done ahead of schedule so that you can have your automobile back in action as soon as possible. While our expert mechanics are working on your oil chance, they will also conduct a thorough inspection of your automobile to see if anything looks out of order or not in accordance with specification. If it does, we will let you know so that we can determine an appropriate path forward for taking care of your automobile’s repair needs. Our company also recommends you take advantage of our highly rated brake inspection service while you have your auto in our shop. This will not only save you potentially big headaches down the road, but will also make the best use of your auto’s time in our shop while you have the auto in for service.

At Brake Spot & Auto Repair, our company truly believes in deliver a high quality service to 100% of our customers every single day on every service call. Our highly trained and certified technicians will always treat your automobile like it is a member of the family, and all of our shop mechanics always make sure that we perform all actions in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications to ensure that you enjoy the highest quality of service. We will always check to see if your air filter needs to be replaced when you come in for an oil change, and our techs also verify the tire pressure and condition of the wiper blades on the auto to make sure that they have not been dried out in the summer months before the rainy season hits. Rest assured, if we ever see something that doesn’t look right, our leading technician will thoroughly investigate and let you know what we find along with a sound recommendation on the way forward. Our number one goal is taking care of your auto’s needs, and we encourage you to drop by and ask our technicians questions today. We look forward to serving you.