Engine Repair

Brake Spot & Auto Repair is one of the full service garages in the Hawthorne area that also specializes in engine repair. Our company first opened its doors in 2006, and we have focused on delivering one of the best overall engine servicing facilities in the area since then, and our highly skilled and certified technicians are able to inspect, diagnose, repair, and rebuild any issue that can arise with your vehicle’s engine. Every mechanic in our garage knows their way around the car engines of all makes and models of foreign and domestic automobiles on the road today. If you just think that the engine in your car has a problem, please call ahead for a good time to stop by for a free inspection and repair estimate. We find that many times, our customers simply do not fully understand what issues their vehicle actually has until we get one of our certified techs to take a look. We provide these inspections with no obligation to use our services, and our team will be able to help you with replacing a cylinder head, working on an engine valve, or planning out and conducting a full engine rebuild if necessary.

The last thing that we ever want to do at Brake Spot & Auto Repair is steer you wrong when it comes to taking care of the most critical component of your automobile’s operation – the engine. Our leading technician will also take a look at all of the supporting systems for the engine and make solid recommendations to you on any routine or emergent maintenance actions that he or she recommends be accomplished within the footprint of the same visit to our garage. We will also make sure you are 100% clear on what services are merely recommended and which are “must haves” when it comes to taking care of your automobile the right way. We always treat each of our customer’s engine repairs like we were working on our own or family member’s cars. We also take great pride in never delivering a surprise to our customers when it comes time to get the bill. You are guaranteed to never have any surprise surcharges or fees when you partner with our shop like you will encounter with less reputable and less established companies in the area. This dedication to customer satisfaction is what has made our company a business success over the years, and we love taking care of you. You will be very satisfied with the quality of our team’s craftsmanship, and our shop will not disappoint you. Please give us a call today with any questions that you might have.

Engine Rebuilding

During Brake Spot & Auto Repair’s more than 10 years of taking care of our customers, we have found that many of our customers simply don’t know how to tell if their engine has gotten damaged to the point of requiring a full engine rebuilding service. Since we first opened our doors, our staff always encourages our prospective and current customers to drop by to let our team take a hard look at what their vehicle engine needs to get back up and running in an optimal fashion. Every one of our mechanics is ASE certified to work on your auto engine, and since we are a full service shop, you will save money on any other major repairs required on your automobile while we have it in the shop. Our garage takes care of all aspects of the engine rebuild process in-house so that we save you money and time by not sending engine components off to a third-party to complete the repairs. Our highly skilled mechanics have worked on the full range of standard to luxury automobiles, and during our more than a decade in business taking care of our customers, we have developed a deep relationship base with many of the parts suppliers that we use to your benefit. These relationships help us obtain better than market price costs for parts for your auto as well as saving time on getting hard-to-obtain parts which helps use get your vehicle back on the road in a timelier manner at a lower overall cost.

If your auto engine has extremely difficult to find components that require replacement, we can usually help in a timelier manner than what you will find at competing shops in the area. Once you try out our shop, you will not want to use another garage again. Most of our customers have been with us since we first opened our doors, but don’t worry, you will not have to wait a significant amount of time to get an appointment with our team. Our mechanics only follow industry approved techniques and procedures, and you will be able to count on us to take care of your engine repair and other auto service needs. We always recommend that if our existing or prospective customers are looking to take their auto to another service provider for an engine rebuild, that they do their homework. Not all of the garages in our local area do all of the engine work within their own shop, and it is worth validating the service reputation of any shop that you are going to hire to work on your auto’s engine to include ours. Once you have an opportunity to look around, you will quickly realize that you will see the best service quality for the money by making Brake Spot & Auto Repair your number one choice when it comes to auto repair services. We encourage you to have a questioning attitude, and our garage looks forward to helping you with your engine and other major repair needs today. Just give our friendly staff a call today with any questions that you might have regarding any of our auto services, and we look forward to serving you.