Auto Repair Shop

Finding an auto repair shop in the Hawthorne area of Los Angeles County can be challenging for some consumers. On any given day, when one conducts an Internet search for local auto repair shops there can literally be hundreds of results to digest. Instead of wasting precious time trying to sort out the reputation, services, and benefits of the numerous garages in the local area, you should consider making Brake Spot & Auto Repair your first call or visit. Our shop is locally owned and operated, and we have developed an excellent service record over our more than 10 years of taking care of the residents and visitors to the Hawthorne area of Southern California. Our mechanics are some of the best in the business, and we can take care of your full range of auto service needs no matter what type of vehicle you drive. You will be amazed at our technician’s fine attention to detail, and foreign makes and models are welcome in our shop. Our service team will never take your automobile hostage for a long period of time due to needing parts or specialized equipment to work on your auto, and our service techs will always keep you in the know on the status of our assessment and repairs of your car, truck, van, or SUV. This over-communication with our customers is one of the reasons that we have consistently been ranked in the top of all auto repair shops in the local area.

Brake Spot & Auto Repair is a full service garage. We can take care of any basic service or repair that your vehicle needs in a timely manner at a very affordable price. In order to eliminate any worries that our customers have regarding quality of service, our company has offered a warranty on all services since we first opened our doors. You will find it difficult to locate a full service garage that stands behind their work like we do, and whether you need a basic oil change, a full engine repair service, or something in between, we are here for you. Our company policy is to always provide our customers with a free estimate on our work, and you will quickly find yourself on a first name basis with our friendly staff. We encourage all of our current and prospective customers to ask questions as we truly believe that an informed customer is a happy customer. Our technicians are all fully trained and certified to work on your vehicle, and our company believes in doing things right on the first try. If you have any questions, simply give us a call and ask. We always provide free estimates before starting any repair job, and you will be glad that you trusted your automobile with our shop.

Engine Repair

In the event your automobile requires an engine repair, our service technicians at Brake Spot & Auto Repair will not annoy you by referring the work to another garage. Every mechanic at our garage is trained and certified to deliver the full range of engine repairs to your automobile. Our shop is a full service facility to include installation bays, and we can take care of just about any repair or rebuild job you might need. All of our technicians are ASE certified to work on the full range of both foreign and domestic makes and models of autos, and we stand behind all of our work with a full warranty. Our commitment to craftsmanship and customer service has made our company one of the top-rated in the area, and you will not be disappointed by making our shop your number one choice for all of your engine needs. Our shop only uses high quality, manufacturer approved parts for our engine repairs and rebuilds in order to deliver the optimal performance with our work. Our customers always leave satisfied, and you will be simply amazed at the quality of work our team consistently delivers. We will also bundle repair services to minimize the total number of trips that you need to make to the garage if that is best for your busy schedule. All you need to do is call or ask, and our team will help put together a repair and service plan that makes sense for your automobile.

During our company’s 10 years of being in business, we have taken care of clients that are from Hawthorne as well as other locations around the Los Angeles area to include Ventura, Riverside, and other destinations around the county. If you are not sure what type of repairs are needed for your auto engine that is OK. Simply make an appointment with our staff to bring your auto in for a full assessment. Our technicians are trained to recommend to you the least costly and less intrusive repair on your vehicle in order to help save you time and money. If we think a full engine rebuild is in order, we will not hesitate to make our recommendation to you reflecting such. Before our team breaks open the engine on your automobile to the point that we will have to effect repairs, our leading technician will always ensure that he or she has a conversation with you regarding potential cost and estimated time of repair. We find that expectation management when it comes to length of repairs is a key component in our communication with you. If you have any questions regarding our engine repair or other services, please give our team a call today.


Finding a good mechanic can be a challenging task in the Los Angeles and Torrance areas of Southern California. Many of the established and highly rated ones are either simply too busy to fit new customers in to their schedule, or they expand to the point of using customer vehicles to train new technicians. If you live in the greater Hawthorne area of SoCal and are looking for one of the most highly rated auto repair shop in the area, then you should consider giving us a call at Brake Spot & Auto Repair today. Our company has more than a decade of experience helping our customers fix just about every type of issue you can think of for an automobile, and we are a full service garage. Our mechanics have more than 25 years of experience that we use to deliver the highest quality of service possible at a competitive rate for your automobile. Whether you drive a car, SUV, van, or truck, our team can take care of you, and all of our technicians are trained and certified to work on both foreign and domestic automobiles.

Our company’s business ranges from conducting normal brake changes and repairs, to troubleshooting electrical problems, and conducting recurring maintenance on customer autos. Our garage is capable of handling the full range of engine problems that can arise in the arid California climate, and we also help our customers troubleshoot annoying check engine light issues that will keep the vehicle from passing the California State Smog Inspection. Our shop always believes in standing behind our work with a 100% warranty, and you will never find yourself in a position of having to bring your auto in to another shop to fix issues once we call the job complete. Our mechanics use their deep experience with foreign models of auto such as BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi, and even Ferrari to help our customers keep costs down when it comes to taking care of issues with high performance autos, and we offer free estimates on all of our auto repair services. We love to talk shop, and our company always encourages prospective clients to shop around the local area and compare our prices to the competition. You will quickly find that we offer some of the best service quality in the area for the price, and no question is too small to ask our friendly staff. Feel free to drop in or call any time during normal business hours. If you have an emergent situation that requires attention in the short term just ask us. We will go out of our way to help you assess, troubleshoot, and identify a repair plan for your automobile in a timely manner. We look forward to working with you today.

Transmission Service

One of the most neglected aspects of automobile maintenance until it starts having issues is taking care of a vehicle’s transmission. The fluid in a transmission is used to both lubricate, cool, and clean the internal components. Over time, the various additives in the transmission oil will degrade over time and require replacement before potentially resulting in damage to the gears. At Brake Spot & Auto Repair, our transmission service is one of the top-rated in SoCal, and whether your auto has a manual or automatic transmission, we will be able to take care of the full range of service needs for your automobile. Our highly skilled, trained, and certified technicians know their way around the transmission of just about every make and model of automobile on the road today, and they are experts at diagnosing potential issues with your automobile’s transmission and other major systems that help your automobile function as designed. By paying attention to this and other routine maintenance of your automobile, the friendly mechanics at our garage can help you avoid potential big issues down the road with your vehicle.

The majority of automobiles serviced at Brake Spot & Auto Repair are equipped with an automatic transmission to help transfer the power of the engine to power the automobile’s wheels. As time goes by, the fluid in the transmission will degrade, and will do so more quickly depending on the environment and method that the driver handles the vehicle. By taking proactive action to replace the transmission fluid at the manufacturer’s recommend intervals, one can save potentially big money when it comes to a more costly transmission replacement. Our technicians are well-versed in the requirements for your automobile, and can quickly make a recommendation on our recommended services to keep the automobile running smoothly. We will also make a recommendation on when the transmission internal filter needs to be replaced based on your specific make and model of automobile, and our techs will not break into the system without gaining your approval. We also have a large range of experience when it comes to taking care of manual transmissions. Whether you simply need a periodic service, or an inspection of the transmission gears, shafts, bearings, and other components, our technicians are capable of taking care of your auto to help prevent wear and damage to the vehicle.

A common issue that our shop finds with automobile transmissions in our arid climate is that the systems on many vehicles start failing to retain fluid. In many cases, this is caused by a failure or degradation of the transmission seal. If your vehicle has this problem, our technicians will discuss our reseal service with you that includes removal of the applicable components, reassembly, and reseal as required to correct the issue. Our experienced team can take care of this and other transmission services on all makes and models of cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. If you have any questions, please give our staff a call, and we look forward to taking care of your auto service needs today.

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